Dear Jack

Thank you, thank you, thank you, we love our pool!

John and I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you and your employees for the great job you did designing and installing our pool. From conception to completion everything you said you would do, you did! Every time your crews were scheduled to show, they did! Our friends and family warned us that putting in a pool would be a long, miserable experience. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Start to finish in record time, great input, friendly crews and office staff made this pool installation a fun and pleasurable experience. Not only did you meet our expectations you exceeded them.

Being in the construction industry myself I am well aware of scheduling difficulties, weather interference and various other pitfalls that make the completion of any project difficult. Your crews were fantastic! Polite, personable and detail oriented. They always took the time to answer our questions or offer suggestions. “Jackie’s Angels” were the best. I’m sure I tortured those poor girls in the office unmercifully, yet every time I called they were friendly, willing and able to answer all my questions or update me on progress.

The stamped concrete decking we chose is fantastic, a wonderful enhancement to our landscaping, allowing us to achieve the natural look we were striving for. Everyone comments on the beauty of the overall design and the naturalness of the look. Thank you again for helping us create exactly what we wanted and making it obtainable.


John & Debbi Naro

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