Dear Jack

Thank you, thank you, thank you, we love our pool!

John and I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you and your employees for the great job you did designing and installing our pool. From conception to completion everything you said you would do, you did! Every time your crews were scheduled to show, they did! Our friends and family warned us that putting in a pool would be a long, miserable experience. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Start to finish in record time, great input, friendly crews and office staff made this pool installation a fun and pleasurable experience. Not only did you meet our expectations you exceeded them.

Being in the construction industry myself I am well aware of scheduling difficulties, weather interference and various other pitfalls that make the completion of any project difficult. Your crews were fantastic! Polite, personable and detail oriented. They always took the time to answer our questions or offer suggestions. “Jackie’s Angels” were the best. I’m sure I tortured those poor girls in the office unmercifully, yet every time I called they were friendly, willing and able to answer all my questions or update me on progress.

The stamped concrete decking we chose is fantastic, a wonderful enhancement to our landscaping, allowing us to achieve the natural look we were striving for. Everyone comments on the beauty of the overall design and the naturalness of the look. Thank you again for helping us create exactly what we wanted and making it obtainable.


John & Debbi Naro

The True

After interviewing other competitors we knew instantly that Quality Design Pools was the company for us. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. They truly support customer satisfaction and that is of the essence in this day and age. Quality Design is an experience and family run company that had suggestions for our pool design and landscape that we had not even thought of and it all fit within our budget.

We recommend Quality Design!!

The True’s
Brentwood, NH


I just wanted to send you the following email expressing my complete satisfaction for a job well done!

The process started with the signing of the initial contract with Jim and I must say it was overwhelming but Jim really did a great job explaining the process and advising us of the options. He was very reassuring, knowledgeable and patient. Jim made several trips to the house to review the contract prior to our signing which we really appreciated. To be honest, the reason we went with Quality was because we felt comfortable with Jim. As you know, we had other companies give us quotes but at the end of the day, Jim was the reason we signed.

Two weeks after signing, Frankie came to our assistance and she was great. As your team may have come to learn, I can be high maintenance and Frankie walked me through the permit process so the initial hole could be dug.

After the permit and the hole, I had the pleasure of meeting you…You are awesome! I always could count on you to call me back, keep me apprised of the schedule, answer all of my questions and most importantly, kept me calm even when we were in Aruba. I couldn’t have gone through this process without you. I commend you for running such a tight ship and making sure the customer, me, is truly taken care of from start to finish.

George…I love George…He cost me some extra money and eventually a pizza, but what a great person with a great personality. All I can say is that he did a spectacular job on the deck and he really can operate a bobcat. I watched him operate that machine and I thought he was going to flip it but he graded my yard with ease and made sure that the retaining wall was set properly along the deck line. I also could count on him. He told me he would be out on a certain day and he was. His crew was very professional and always willing to lend a hand and answer a question. George went out of his way to have the deck sealed the same day it was poured so my dogs wouldn’t be inconvenienced and so I wouldn’t have a coronary worrying about rain. The pizza will be on its way…I promise.

I didn’t forget Allie…she has got to be the most patient person…I can only imagine the stress that she deals with. In my book, she is number one. I could always count on Ally to call me back for reassurance, confirm a scheduled appointment or answer a question. She never says no and always goes above and beyond to answer a question or solve a problem. I think that she is a huge asset to the team and hopefully, I will not bug her too much over the years.

Finally, I guess there wouldn’t be a company without Jack. At the end of the day, the integrity of the company is instilled through the people that run the company and I can only assume that Jack has instilled his values throughout the company which is readily apparent. I knew from the first day that I met him, I would not have any problems. He gave me his home phone number and his cell phone and told me to call with any concerns. Need I say more.

I know that I didn’t mention everyone but the reality is that I am very pleased with my pool. I will recommend your company to anyone I know interested in buying a pool. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I hope that you guys stop by one day soon and see the finished product!!! I will feed you too!!!

Thank you again.

Adam and Darci Bernstein

Attn: Jack and Company

Pool number two and we’re thrilled again! A great big thank you to all of you, for another wonderful pool. Our second one was a little more complex, and we were a little wishy washy with our selections. (ok, a lot wishy washy) You were patient as always, as we made changes to color, tile, waterfalls, etc. and accommodated us through the entire process.

The water feature that Eddie designed exceeded our expectations, and achieved exactly the sound we were hoping for. The “bling” in the concrete is fabulous, (thanks George), and the natural granite look makes the entire pool “nestle” into our back yard.

We have already starting jotting down ideas for pool number three.

Thanks again, for another wonderful oasis, a smooth construction process, and that personal attention that makes Quality far superior to other companies.

John & Deb Naro
Amherst, NH

Hello Jim, Ann, and Jack,

I have been meaning to write this e-mail for about a week now. I know you really pushed hard to finish the plaster on the pool last Wednesday. While the weather has not been great for the last week the two days that we did swim was outstanding. The pool is everything we dreamed of. I couldn’t be more happy with the size, shape, and location of the pool. The deck looks fantastic and really ties the pool into the existing deck and backyard. Even the pump system is very quiet but the the best part of the pool is the joy on the kids faces when they jump in.

With all the rain and wind we had this past weekend the backyard got pretty messy. Funny enough the pool was spotless. This weekend is supposed to be nice and I know the kids can’t wait to jump back in.

I can’t thank you enough for being flexiable with us at the start and at the end. But mostly thank you for giving our family a great quality pool.

Thank you,

Scott & Darlene

New YMCA dazzles and delights with bells, whistles, and ballet.

“Some call it the Ritz. Others seem in awe of the largest and most expensive YMCA ever built north of Boston.”

“This feels like a private club,” said Katherine Bell, who sat in the WiFi cafe of the new Marblehead-Swampscott YMCA typing on her laptop while occasionally glancing through a nearby window at the two indoor pools.

“We think it was the largest capital campaign for a single YMCA in New England,” said Paul Gorman, executive director of the Marblehead-Swampscott YMCA.

Beaver Hollow Campgrounds

Your guys are doing a great job so far…John, and the boys are the best!!…Ed has been a tremendous help and great to deal with…what a great ambassador for the company…
Sandy Allen

Beaver Hollow Campgrounds (Beaver Hollow Installation)

It’s always great to hear that the guys are doing a great job. I don’t get to see the guys in action to often. We have a talented group of employees that work extremely well together.
Ann Pyburn
Quality Design Pools

I’ve been very impressed so far. As one business owner who really appreciates professionalism and pride, I thought I’d pass it along to another. A rare thing to find these days for sure!! Please share. Thanks again..
Sandy Allen
Beaver Hollow Campgrounds

2014 Excellence in Construction Presentation

ABC – Associated Builders and Constractors Inc.
Winner – Needham Residence Inn by Marriott
Quality Design Pools was a sub contractor recieving this award

I just received an invitation to this year’s ABC Fall Business Development Reception.
Congratulations on winning the award for the Needham Residence Inn by Marriott.
Ann Pyburn

From: Brian Knox
Thank you – for us to be successful, it’s critical we have/use/engage good trade contractors (like yourselves!)