Features and Options

Automatic Controls/Controls
Automatic Cleaners
High Efficiency Equipment
Pool Water Treatments
Salt Water


Waterfalls and other features can be designed as single elements flowing into a pool or a spa. They can also be constructed to flow from a spa into a pool. They can be constructed of natural materials (granite, limestone, blue stone, etc.), cultured stone or a combination of both.


Colored Sam, LED, Fiber Optic

Automatic Controls or Controls:

The right controls can save energy because they run the systems only at preset times. They can be reset to manual for emergencies.
QDP recommends Hayward Gold Line, Jandy Aqualink and Pentair Intelli Touch

Automatic Cleaners:

The Polaris and the Hayward Viper are easily lifted from the pool when the pool is to be used. Their mesh bags are easily cleaned out.

QDP recommends Polaris, Hayward Viper (similar to the Polaris) and Paramount Pools 'Pool Valet', (which is a floor system).

High Efficiency Equipment and Heaters:

QDP recommends Hayward and Pentair high efficiency equipment.

Hayward heaters
H Series Heater Electronic Ignition (80 - 82% efficiency)
H Series Heater Electronic Ignition, plus induced draft (84% efficiency)

Hayward pumps
Tri Star Superior Energy Efficient 1 or 2 speed
Tri Star Mizzer-variable speed, superior energy efficient
Hayward Eco-Star 3-H.P. variable speed pump
Hayward Max-Flo 1.5-H.P. variable speed pump

Pentair heater
Master Temp electronic ignition, plus enduced draft (84% efficient)

Pentair pump
Intelliflow - 4 times 160 high performance


Meyco - Safety Mesh
Cover Pools - electric automatic safety cover
Cantar - solid cover & water bags - solar cover

Other safety features:

Meyco - Child Safety Fence
Yardgard - Floating and gate alarms
NOTE - other safety alarms systems exist and if chosen,
QDP will work with their installers so their installers can complete that system.

Pool Water Treatment:

QDP recommends and uses the following:


Healthcare or Superior Aqua
Ionization-Ozone Sanitation System
Replaces chlorine and kills bacteria

Hayward Goldline
Chlorine salt generator system (generates chlorine from salt)
You do not need to buy chlorine.

Del Ozone
Ozone generator generates ozone and bubbles up through the water to sanitize the water.


Diatomaceous earth media (DE).
Most efficient for water clarity, less operating time.
DE filters the water to one (1) micron.

Swim Clear cartridge filter.
Filters the water to ten (10) microns

Pro Series sand filter.
Filters water to fifteen to seventeen (15 - 17) microns.

Pool Water Treatment:

Salt water pools are becoming a popular alternative. With a salt water system you can avoid the hassle and cost of chlorine while enjoying water that is gentler on your body.