Opening Your pool

Reassemble all equipment
Start up equipment and make sure everything is in working order. Anything broken or soon to be worn out is either fixed or replaced.
Any items noted as a problem, broken or need repair at the winter closing are completed at this time. Quality retains all records on every pool it constructs and services to better serve their customers in the future. Once the pool is running, the water chemistry must be balanced. It's extremely important to balance the pool water to maintain the ph balance of the pool. Rain water and snow melt dilutes the pool chemicals and throws this balance off.
Brush pools walls to remove suspended materials so it can be filtered out.
Shock the pool to kill any living matter.
The pool cover is folded and put away.
Deck is rinsed off
NOTE. With a Mesh Cover, usually do not need to add water (rain & snow melt go through the cover and keep pool filled
The pool must be left running for the next 24 hours. The customer can then vacuum the pool and it is ready for use!

For every pool Quality Design Pools constructs, the owners are provided a test kit.

For pools with solid covers
The water on top of the cover is pumped off and house water added. The pool is not shocked. A control is added to remove the metals commonly found in house water.
The pool is run for 24 continuous hours as the metal control coagulates the metals, which are filtered and backwashed out of the system. A sanitizer is then added.

Pool Closings

The water is lowered 22" from deck ~ (rainfall during the fall can raise the pool level so that when the water freezes (frozen water expands), tiles and coping could possibly be damaged.
Winterizing all underground plumbing, pumps, filters. The parts are removed from various pieces of equipment for winter storage.
Floaters and winter chemicals are added. When you have a contract for a pool closing, normally these chemicals are ordered at the same time.
Install the cover
We guarantee all underground plumbing from freeze damage.

For solid covers, the water level is lowered to 6" below the skimmer

Weekly Service

Vacuum pool
Brush pool if needed
Test water and adjust balance as needed
check every piece of equip (actually run them)
Backwash filter when necessary
Skim top of water (for debris)
Check water level
Clean up (not garbage) general area around the pool
Leave a written work order with items done checked off, water test results, adjustments made and recommendations
Done the same day each week.

Pool Watch (weekly)
Same as weekly service EXCEPT the pool is not vacuumed

Repairs, Diagnostics, Trouble Shooting

Customer calls are responded to within 24 hours.
A qualified service technician or supervisor will return your call to discuss the details of your problem and schedule a visit.
Most times the problem(s) can be fixed the first visit.
For more extensive work, a technician will generate a list of required materials and schedule an appointment for the work to be done.
Replaced parts are left for the owners inspection.
A work order is completed and a copy is left with the customer.
Start Up & Customer Instruction

New pool start up

Scheduled with the customer as they need to be present
Remove all construction debris
Start up equipment. Heater is NOT run at this time so as not to bake the plaster. Plaster must be allowed to cure or it will NOT retain it's integrity.
Balance water
Record all readings of all equipment
Mark all plumbing lines
Leave all equip running for 24-48 hours. EXCEPT HEATER, which can be turned on after 14 days

We go over all the equipment with you and show you what it does, how to work it and show you how to avoid any problems.
(eg filter-how it operates and how to backwash)
We explain how to maintain the plaster surface.
Quality Design Pools provides the customer with a water test kit. When your pool is ready to go, we teach each customer how to use the kit, read the results and make the correct adjustments to maintain proper water balance. Don't worry if you forget, we are only a phone call away!